How come a girl can wear guys clothes and look cute or wear a suit and look hot, but when a guy wears a dress or a skirt it’s weird?

because our society thinks it’s degrading to be feminine


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Sunset over the Beaufort RiverBeaufort, SC 


Sunset over the Beaufort River
Beaufort, SC 



The Castle, built circa 1859 Beaufort, SC


The Castle, built circa 1859
Beaufort, SC

"You will fall in love with her and I will go back to spending my Friday nights with all sorts of boys that can never seem to get my name right."

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"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Cuckoo Clock

Jack Skellington and Sally stand in front of the Town Hall and Jack’s Tower. At the flip of a switch, the windows of Jack’s Tower, the ghosts and pumpkins illuminate with glowing light. Instead of a traditional cuckoo on the hour, this clock plays “This is Halloween” while Zero pops in and out of the doors atop the Town Hall. The clock is powered by a precision quartz movement and features an embellished clock face, complete with spider web design and slightly off-kilter numbers. The swinging brass-toned pendulum is decorated with the Halloween Town Spiral Hill. Decorative pinecone weights hang below, with Shock and Barrel clinging to them while Lock cheers them on from above.

You can purchase it here!

I need this.

I’m getting this! My order ships first of September.

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"I wonder how many people don’t get the one they want, but end up with the one they’re supposed to be with."

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